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Guardrail Post Pounder for Guardrail Installation

Challenger 800 Guardrail Post Pounder
Challenger 800 Guardrail Post Pounder

Guardrail Pile Driving

Guardrail Pile drivers, or guardrail installation machines are used in highway development to install road safety barrier rails. Groundwork are manufacturers of the Challenger range of Guardrail Drivers. Contractors may choose to use Guardrail Post Driver Rental companies, or they may choose to purchase their own machines.

What makes a good Guardrail Pounder?

When selecting a new Guardrail Pounder, there are several questions that you need to ask yourself. Groundwork ensure that you always purchase the correct tools and machinery for your project. Below is a list of questions we ask our clients (or they ask us) when they are selecting Guardrail Installation Equipment.

What are the advantages of driven piles?

  • Piles are made to required specifications prior to the project.

  • Neat and tidy – there is no discarded or excess soil allowing easier project management.

  • Driving or “pounding” piles is much faster and convenient than alternative methods.

  • The piles hold their shape – no bulging or damage to the piles

  • Once the pile is driven there is no need for a curing time – faster.

How does a hydraulic pile hammer work?

The Guardrail Pounder hammer is powered by the machines hydraulic system. When the hammer is engaged the hydraulic oil passes through the hammer, and drives the piston onto the pile head. The Challenger 800 has an impact of 950 Joules, the speed is approximately 1000 blows per minute.

What type of posts or piles will you be driving?

Our Guardrail Pounders will drive steel or wooden posts, but it is important to understand what size post you will be driving. Don’t just think of this project that you are working on but think of the bigger picture. You may have larger projects in the future. Purchasing too small now, could be detrimental to your business in the future. For piles under 3.1 meters the Challenger 800 is fine, however if future projects require larger piles, then we recommend the Challenger 1000.

What are the ground conditions for your project?

Most guardrail pounders will drive into soil very easily and to the correct depth. However, if conditions are particularly hard such clay, the hammer power is important. The Challenger 1000 has a 1260 J Hammer.

Will this drive through rock or concrete?

If driving into rock, concrete or granite then it is recommended that you use a DTH Rock Drill, which can be used in conjunction with your pile pounder.

How many meters of piles are you installing?

If you are only doing residential work then the smaller model pile pounders are ideal for you. Challenger also manufacturer a Truck Mounted Pile Driver which is ideal for this.

If you are contracting for Highway maintenance then the Challenger 800 is most likely the best machine for you. Only being 2 meters wide is ideal, as it means that there will usually only be a requirement for 1 lane closure.


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