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Efficient and Effective: How The Challenger Guardrail Pounder is Changing Installation

Recently, I had the opportunity to witness the delivery of a new Challenger guardrail pounder in the United States. The initial concern was its size and power compared to the Pounder Truck. As we watched the pounder truck operator demonstrate the speed of installing a post, concerns were raised about how the new pounder would compare in size and power. However, after both demonstrations, it was clear that the CHALLENGER pounder was a force to be reckoned with. While the Pounder Truck installed only one post, the Challenger Pounder was able to install two posts and was already waiting on the Pounder Truck to finish its first post.

Guardrail Installation in Difficult Conditions

Guardrail installation can be challenging and difficult, especially in testing conditions. The wrong equipment can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and even safety issues. This recent job was particularly tough conditions.


In tough terrain or hard ground conditions, using a smaller machine can result in damage or breakdowns, causing costly downtime and delays.


The Challenger 1200 Guardrail Pounder is the ideal solution for challenging conditions. Its size and design can easily handle tough terrain and hard ground conditions without compromising on safety or efficiency. With the Challenger 1200, you can install guardrails quickly and reliably. Had our client chosen a smaller machine, they would have experienced delay and damage to equipment.

​Hydraulic Post Extractor - Faster and more Effective

Coupled with our hydraulic post extractor, the team are now armed with equipment that will see them replace guardrail in half the time.

The process of extracting piles from the earth requires the use of a clamp attached to a hydraulic vibro hammer. Once the clamp holds onto the pile, vibration commences, and the pile is extracted by moving the arm and boom of the excavator vertically upwards. To release the pile, the clamp is released after it has been fully extracted from the earth and positioned in such a way that its low end contacts the earth slightly. This method ensures that piles can be extracted efficiently and with minimal impact on surrounding structures or environments. By employing this technique, construction professionals can ensure that their projects are completed safely and effectively while minimizing any potential disruptions to nearby areas.

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