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Used Equipment

Groundwork Group supply a broad range of used equipment.

Whether you are looking for new or used Pile Drivers, Sheet Pile Drivers, Barrier Install units and many more categories of heavy machinery, we can help you find it.

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Groundwork have a range or used equipment. Many of our users have budget constrictions. Contractors in the market for heavy machinery and equipment have the option of purchasing new or used equipment.  Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. The Challenger Range of Pile Driver is built for its durability and to last a long time. Purchasing used equipment may not only be in the price difference, but there is often a shorter delivery time. 


Of course there are always risks associated with purchasing any used equipment. When considering used equipment, think of the machines history as being more important than its year of manufacture. If a Pile Driver was manufactured in 2018 but operated at 100% of its capacity and compare it to a machine manufactured in 2017 but it only ran at 60% of its actual capacity. Which machine is likely to have more problems? 


It is a good idea to not only do a background check on the type or brand of machine but also the company that you are purchasing from. Do they have a good track record? This is important as you need to have trust that the seller will deliver what they promise. 


It is often a good idea to confirm the condition of a second hand machine yourself. Ensure you look at all crucial components. A minor defect or an imperfection is not a reason to "not buy a machine"; it can however be a point for negotiation. 


Ensure you know what you are buying. It sounds obvious but there are often questions that go unanswered, so be sure to get all the answers that you require. What spare parts are available, what are the terms of delivery, where will the machine be stored until delivery etc. Be sure to ask all the obvious questions. 


Openness and transparency are everything in getting the right piece of equipment at the right price. Be sure you are comfortable with the seller and their reactions and try and find out as much information about the machine life history as possible. 


If you have any questions, we are here to help. 


Please contact us directly with your enquiries at 

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