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Challenger Guardrail Post Pounders and Post  Drivers

Groundwork provides a wide range of Guardrail Post Pounders and Post Drivers. 

Groundwork introduces its range of guardrail post drivers and pounders. The Challenger Guardrail Post Drivers are specifically designed for Highway Construction and Roading Companies that require a heavy duty robust machine. We also supply smaller machines suitable for farming, landscaping and DIY use.

Your project type very much determines the type or post driver that you purchase See our article here on “How to select a Guardrail Post Pounder”.

Guardrail Post Pounder.jpeg

The Challenger Post Driver’s are made on a crawler-type or truck mounted base allowing it to be applied to different road conditions. If you have hard surfaces ensure that your machine has the capability of having a rock drill attached. Our Guardrail Post Drivers run on a hydraulic system, have very powerful engines and have been designed for stability and balance while operating within the operator parameters.

Guardrail installation is made easy with the Challenger range of equipment. Our Pile drivers are easy to use and the remote control system that is an additional option is simple to operate.

Our flagship product the Challenger 800 Guardrail Post Pounder in action in the USA

Advantages of the Challenger Series Guardrail Post Pounders are:

  • Faster and more powerful

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low maintenance cost 

  • Rotational mounting

  • Rigid and durability

  • Easy installation and operation

  • Affordability

Optional Attachments:

  • DTH Hammer

  • Auger Drills

  • Screw Pile Drive

  • GPS

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