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Challenger Solar Pile Drivers

Looking for an efficient solar pile driver for your solar farm projects? View our range below

Solar Pile Drivers delivered to you by Groundwork, provide you with a variety of solutions for your solar pile driving tasks. The solar market has seen continuous growth and a high demand for renewable energy sources.

Groundwork have chosen to expand their options for convenient installation of solar fields. The Challenger 1000,1200 & 1400 models have proven to be extremely reliable and have increased productivity on many projects. Groundwork are you preferred Civil Construction Equipment Experts.

Now available is a fully automatic system by incorporating the STX GPS System. Lower your installation costs by 40% over traditional installation methods. Save on surveying and reduce staff. 

Advantages of the Challenger Series are:

  • Faster and more powerful

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low maintenance cost 

  • Safer operation

  • Rotational mounting

  • Rigid and durability

  • Easy installation and operation

  • Affordability

Optional Attachments:

  • DTH Hammer

  • Auger Drills

  • Screw Pile Drive

  • GPS - Creating a Fully Automatic System

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