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Groundwork are your Pile Drive Equipment and Engineering Equipment Suppliers. We manufacture the Challenger range of Guardrail and Solar Pile Pounders. We specialise in customised machinery for your construction requirements.

We have equipment consultants with over four decades of experience that can help you learn about the latest innovation in pile installation and solar panel maintenance. Email us if you would like to arrange an online meeting with one of our consultants.  Our Consultants cover Project Development, Construction and Maintenance. 

We have formed global networks to offer service and support to our clients that exceeds their expectations. We have offices in - Australia, New Zealand, India, Turkey Chile, South Africa and the Middle East. 

If you are unsure exactly what machinery or equipment is best suited for your job, please call us or email today:

Our opening hours are 8am - 5pm during a business week. 

Global Office
Groundwork  – Delaware USA
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 700
Wilmington, Delaware, 19808 – 6124
Phone: +1 877 231 1830

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