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Construction Machinery and Equipment

What type of machinery and equipment is used in Civil Construction? Civil engineering is an extensive industry and as such workers are required to work in difficult locations and landscapes such as bridges, highways and waterways. Manufacturers must embrace technology and develop specialized machinery and equipment to assist them.  Engineers and contractors rely on state of the art surveying equipment, earth-moving machinery and specialized heavy equipment to ensure their job is more achievable. 

GPS and other various drafting equipment and software help reduce costs and increase productivity by reducing surveying time.
With the pandemic and other compounding factors, labor is at a shortage and contractors must learn to work smarter - reducing costs and improving systems to keep up with competitors.  Technologies such as GPS, Robotic components for automation and mobile devices can assist in improving safety, flexibility and mobility. It is a valuable and vital asset that Contractors must embrace. 

Further trends such as offsite and prefabrication methods, advance in safety equipment and construction management software are all important developments that should be considered to keep contractors from falling behind their competition.


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