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Solar Screw Pile Torque Reader

Solar Screw Pile Torque Reader

Groundwork supplies the Solar Screw Pile Torque Reader that is fully wireless, non-contact torque transducer that is ideal ffor field based application.


The Intelli-Tork is a revolutionary, fully wireless, non-contact torque transducer with fully potted state-of-the-art electronics. The unit is extremely rugged and ideal for field based applications. The Intelli-Tork measures the torque applied between two flanges and transmits the torque reading to the smart device for visual display and data logging. This method of measuring the torque applied is highly accurate (+/- 0.3%). The torque sensor is built into the housing of the Intelli-Tork.


The data is transmitted directly to a smart device that has the “Intelli-tork®” App downloaded. The data is captured by the program and recorded as a .csv file. The .csv file can be viewed in the app and emailed to anyone where peripheral software such as Microsoft Excel for further custom analysis can be done.


Measures from 0-200,000 ft/lb or 271,000 Nm


Features and benefits

  • State Of The Art WiFi and Wireless Technology
  • Highly Accurate Torque Monitoring Capabilities (+/-0.3%)
  • Any Direction Angle & Depth Monitoring
  • Extremely Rugged Design
  • Data Can Be Emailed to Anyone
  • Multiple WiFi Smart Devices Can Be Used To View One Drive
  • No Mechanical Parts

Not sure which equipment is best for your job? 


Groundwork can assist our US clients with financing. If financing is an issue, please checkout the financing option below. 

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