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Concrete Batching Plants: What Options Would You Choose For Your Plant?

Are you looking to build a concrete batching plant for your company? Call us today so we can explain all your options.

What is a Concrete Batching Plant used for?

A concrete batching plant is used in the concrete industry to combine raw materials, such as sand, aggregate, water, cement, to create a ready-mix concrete that is used in projects.

What are the parts of a batching plant?

Concrete batching plants can consist of a variety of different components including, cement silos, conveyors, batch control panels, dust collectors, heaters, chillers, and concrete mixers.

How does a concrete batching plant work?

Batching is the process in which different quantities of raw material are mixed to create ready-mix concrete. A Concrete Mix Design (CMD) is carried out where the scientific process of choosing proportions of a variety of ingredients that produces a workable and durable product. Ingredients such as sand, gravel, cement, and water, are measured into the “concrete mixer” by weight or volume as per the CMD.

A complex design of moving components ensures ingredients are evenly distributed and a consistent product is produced.

Click below to watch the video of how a concrete batching plant works:

What are the types of batching plant?

· A dry concrete batching plant is used to mix sand, stone, cement or other dry ingredients without adding water. There is a higher capacity in dry batch plants due to the exclusion of water, therefore they can have cheaper operating costs. The concrete can be transported dry, preventing it from hardening and allowing a fresh batch of concrete to be used.

· A wet concrete batching plant is a central mixing plant where all the ingredients, including the water are mixed together. Once the mixing process takes place, the concrete must be transported quickly so as not to set.

· A mobile concrete batching plant is easily transportable and can be transferred to the location of the project. This is more flexible as the contractor can modify the CMD according to requirements of the project.

· A stationary concrete batching plant is used in larger industrial type projects. They are generally a wet batch plant, but can be customised to be dry as well. All concrete batching plants are customised to meet the requirements of the end user.

There are numerous ways of mixing concrete. The method that you choose depends on several things including the cost and timeline of the project as well as the quality of concrete required.

What is the cost of a concrete batching plant?

The cost of a concrete batching plant can vary from US $50K for a standalone self loading batch plant to US $1.5 Million for a customised full concrete batching plant with all the bells and whistles. There are several contributing factors to the cost including, set-up, location, capacity, transportation requirements, type and model, labour and handling fees. However with the increasing demand especially in developing countries, the opportunity to set up a concrete batching plant internally can prove extremely productive.


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