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Dry Batch Plant

Dry Batch Plant

Dry Concrete Batching Plant is for mixing sand / stone / cement together without water and other liquid.

Advatanges of a Dry Concrete Batching Plant:

  • Higher capacity and lower energy consumption due to the concrete being mixed without water.
  • By co-ordinating the mixing with a mixing truck; this increases productivity and saves time.
  • Operating costs are lower compared to a wet mixing plant.
  • Fresh concrete can be used, prevents hardening of the mixed concrete.
  • Used in development of modern roads, bridges and a range of concrete construction projects.
TEM GB50 GB60 GB75 GB90 GB120
Aggregate Bin 3*7m3 4*7m3 4*15m3 4*15m3 4*15m3
Cement weighing hopper 750L 750L 700L*2 700L*2 1000L*2
Belt Conveyor 800m*12m 800m*12m 1000m*12m 1000m*12m 1000m*12m
Screw Conveyor 219*11m 219*11m 273*11m 323*11m 323*11m
Cement Silo 2*100 tons 2*100 tons 2*200 tons 2*300 tons 4*200 tons


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