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Time to Retire the Ole Girl

Do you want to install 1400 ft per day…. then it’s time to retire the Old Pounder Truck!

The old pounder trucks are some 40 years old. They’re run old diesel engines filling the environment with unhealthy gases. There are several certification issues with these old girls.

  • Ongoing maintenance of the pounders

  • Leaking oil on the highway

  • Enormous effort to manage traffic due to the size of the truck

  • The cost of break downs on the job

  • The number of staff to operate the pounder is typically four and only 400 ft per day.

So, what is the answer? It simple! You need to look at and review the Challenger 800L Guardrail Post Pounder.

Old and New Pile Drivers

  • The Challenger is light, fast, and with its 950 joule hammer, you will install a steel post in under 70 seconds. Or up to 1400 ft in an 8 hour day with four staff.

  • The footprint is small as it only 6.4’ wide, so it easy to work off the shoulder.

  • The Challenger can lift the existing posts, remove damaged posts, drill a hole into the rock…..and YES you only need one machine to do all this.


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