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The Importance of Pile Driving Equipment: Pile Driving Equipment Used for Solar Installation

Solar Pile Installation continues to be a growing market. According to a report from Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, the U.S. solar market is expected to triple over the next five years.

Construction companies must continue to evolve and learn about new technologies to the industry to stay ahead of their competition.

Challenger Solar Pile Drivers
The Challenger Solar Pile Driving Family

Groundwork Experience

20 years ago, CEO Stephen Beeby Groundwork were approached by a client to provide a Pile Driving solution that could efficiently and effectively drive piles for ground mounted solar pile installation.

There were already attachments available for skid steers and excavators. These were traditionally used for fencing and guardrail application.

Since then, pile driving equipment has developed beyond the traditional use to incorporate more economic machinery with automated height and location compatibility. Suppliers have had to adapt themselves to accommodate multiple sizes of solar piles and tools that provide durability in multiple terrains. Groundwork has worked with suppliers to develop a stand-alone pile driver that provides not only accuracy and increased productivity but can be developed to meet continually evolving environmental and safety challenges.

Choosing the correct equipment.

The choice of machinery for contractors comes down to a number of factors. The number of piles to be driven daily, terrain conditions, weather conditions, size and level of installation.

Groundwork have recognized the variation of requirements and have developed their Challenger Range to accommodate a wide range of construction companies. The lightweight Challenger 800 is ideal for piles up to 3.1 metres, whereas the Challenger 1400 can drive piles up to 8.1 meters.

Screw driving and rock drill attachments can assist in particularly difficult ground conditions and prevent damage during the application process.

Larger scale projects, with thousands of piles to be installed can benefit from the development of our Complex Challenger Family. This consists of the Challenger 1600 Pile Carrier which transports piles to the field, and the Challenger 1500 Pile Placer which accurately disperses the piles to the correct location, removing the manual process of physically loading and unloading piles.

Groundwork have a team of experienced equipment consultants that can meet with you to discuss your project requirements and recommend a customized selection of equipment to meet your needs.


· Precise vertical and horizontal alignment

· Increased productivity and profits

· Flexibility

· Less mess and clean up

· Reduction in carbon footprint

· Less back and arm injuries through lifting and unloading

· Reduce labour

· Eliminates industry shortage

Solar Pile Driver Maintenance

Crews should carry out daily checks and regular weekly maintenance to ensure the pile drivers continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Groundwork provide online safety training and operating practices related to all their machinery and equipment. We pride ourselves in after sales service and support to make certain that machinery is easily maintenance and serviced for minimum downtime.

Download the following chart which can assist in your decision making process for your pile driving project.


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