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Sterling Vibro Hammers

For years, Sheet Piling was a specialised industry with limited contractors available to install sheet piles or I Beams due to the availability and the price of the equipment. Pile Drivers have been around for some time, but normally out of reach to most contractors due to the cost. Today we see a new range of equipment arriving at the marketplace which will suit all sorts of applications.

Groundwork and our manufacturing partner have developed a range of sheet pile drivers that are fully rotational.


  • Tranverse Cushion Array – minimizes bending of hammer and piles

  • Double Bearing Structure – allowing 2 times longer life time of bearings

  • Centered double eccentric weights – allowing better durability of bearings

  • Powerful Hammer – 15% higher productivity and efficiency that traditional hammers

  • Low Maintenance – concise structure of components and longer durability


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