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Silos: What they are and How they work.

What is a storage silo used for?

Silos are used for the bulk storage of dry materials and ingredients. They are commonly used for grain storage or food products. Engineering industries use silos for storage of dry bulk materials such as cement, sand, or other aggregates.

How does a storage silo work?

Silos are mostly filled with a pump, auger or a conveyor to carry the material to the top of the silo. Generally gravity forces the material out an opening at the bottom of the silo. An auger or conveyor may also be used to transfer the material to a vehicle for transportation or to another storage facility.

What are the different types of silos?

Groundwork have3 main types of silos:

  • Stationary – Tower, bunker or container types depending on location and site

  • Mobile – Can be towed to different locations using a tow truck

  • Bag Silos – smaller silos designed for bag packed dry powders or feed

How is a silo constructed?

Silos are constructed of Steel. The steel is tested for quality assurance before manufacturing.

Most components are built in sections and bolted together. It is paramount to ensure all joins are stable to prevent slitting or corrosion.

For most materials there is usually a cone type structure with a funnel installed into the bottom of the silo.

When you are ready to order a silo, we will discuss the best design and structure for your project. We work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

How much can a silo store?

Anywhere between, 10 ton and 1000 ton

What is the price of a silo?

Silos range from US $50K up to several hundred thousand dollars. The cost can vary depending on a range of requirements including, volume, location, transportability, materials used, shape, intake and output systems.

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