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Innovation in Solar Construction

Groundwork is an international supplier of engineering equipment provided for infrastructure development. We anticipate market demands and change our strategies by developing innovative designs to adapt to the current environmental conditions. We are proud to announce that we have the only Autonomous Pile Placer – the Challenger 1500 on today’s market.

The Challenger 1500 can be either manually controlled with a remote control or have a GPS enabled system that can precisely and autonomously place piles on the field in utility-scale solar sites during construction. This distribution reduces traditional workforce; freeing resources to focus on other tasks. The Pile Placer can carry up to 11,000lbs and delivers the piles to the precise location for driving.

As leaders in the semi-automated pile driving industry, Groundwork pride themselves in producing innovative solutions for our clients. With deeper piling requirements there has developed a demand for increasing mast height. Groundwork has introduced the Challenger 1400 with a mast height of 26’ (8.1m).

Team the Challenger 1500 with the Challenger 1400 Pile Driver and GPS to achieve semi- automated pile driving and reduce your workforce by approximately 50% compared to traditional piling methods. Reduce costs through reduced workforce and limited reworks from the accuracy and precision. If safety is of concern for your company, then the full process will help to eliminate injuries.

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