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Gaining the Competitive Edge

Is your company missing out on bids due to the lack of embracing technology and change?

Evaluate your business now and ensure you are doing all you can to get a competitive edge.

Repetitive outcomes

Any business, in any sector, will be recognised by their ability to consistently produce high-quality results and outcomes. Unpleasant suprises and reworks have become unacceptable. In an office or retail environment, that may be a simple outcome, however not so easy for heavy construction companies. Many variables including weather, soil conditions, supervision, procedures and processes can often lead to inconsistencies and standards of production.

By introducing technology and machinery control, companies bring a level of control and conformity that corrects frequent errors, providing a degree of project forgiveness unmatched by conventional placement techniques.

Eliminate Surveying costs.

Many surveyors have a 4-hour minimum contract and can charge on average up to $300 an hour. Not only are you dependent on the surveyors' schedules, which could result in expensive downtime; but inconsistency of costs means accurate bidding can become near impossible.

With state of the art solutions, GPS-powered machine control and remote control systems, many heavy construction contractors can now confidently conduct positioning functionality on their own.

Operator Shortage

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, demand for heavy equipment operators is expected to increase by 10% through 2028, which is twice as fast as the average rate for all other jobs.

With the increased adaptivity of technology and machinery control, operators actions become more controllable. Not only can you be gain better consistency, but the latest technology provided in your fleet may be enough to lure or retain capable operators.

Error Adjustment

Contractors may make placement errors which may make an existing grading plan unusable. What then? Call the surveyor back in?

By conducting internal positioning methods, the operator and the team can create new plans that recognize and allow for the placement errors, meaning less disruptions and better efficiency.

Eliminate Injuries and increase productivity

Safety and compliance levels have taken precedence as people and machinery coexist on the operational fields. With humans and automation working together in a collaborative workforce, there are unquestionably tremendous prospects to increase productivity, creativity, safety, and worker happiness. Also, by deploying automatized machinery, to free up workers' time so they can handle higher productivity activities and ultimately pick up new skills, businesses can accelerate their Return On Investment (ROI).

When considering your options for, be sure to investigate ease of use, performance history, references and probably most important, training and support. There is no “easy solution” in construction, especially heavy construction. The best way that you can guarantee success in embracing technology is by ensuring training for your operators and a high level of ongoing support – both of which set Groundwork apart from other suppliers.

See how our clients are embracing technology and getting the competitive edge in the Solar Installation Industry with our Complex Challenger Family.


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