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Bigger, Better, Faster, Stonger...

Groundworks introduces the all NEW CHALLENGER 1400. Whatever the Challenger 1200 couldn't do, stand back, now the 1400 CAN!

Driving piles is the more cost effective and dependable solution when it comes to foundations; the load is transferred down through the weak upper topsoils into the stronger subsoil layer below.

Until now clients have only been able to drive piles of up to 6.1 meters in depth. Thanks to the innovative ingenuity of the team at Groundworks, we have now developed a machine that can not only drive piles up to 8.1 meters (25.5') but it comes with a powerful hydraulic hammer of 1500 joules and hammer weight of 900kg. The 1400 has a Hydraulic pull down applying 1800kgs of pressure to the piles and auto mast leveling. This makes for faster installation, increasing productivity and reducing time.

Cruelling conditions can often mean bent piles or damaged pile heads. With the option of the rock drilling attachment, drilling and splitting of rock is easily achieved in foundation preparation.

Challenger 1400 Pile Driver
The Challenger 1400 makes the 1200 look like a baby in comparison.

Call us today to discuss if this machine will be the right fit for your project.


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