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A further move towards Automation

The Challenger Solar Pile Driving range of machinery can now be fitted with a GPS system that helps to increase productivity and reduce re-works.

“Accurate pile positioning is a critical component of Solar Farm Installation,” says Groundwork CEO Stephen Beeby. “The ability to attach GPS Systems to our full range means that the process of installing piles is reduced significantly. Teamed with our Challenger 1500 Pile Placer, the whole process becomes almost fully automatic”.

Once a site survey is carried out by the engineering and design team, the data is then entered into the GPS Programming system. With the location of a base unit the data is transferred from the system to the Antenna and Receivers that are fitted to the Solar Pile Driver. The operator simply selects “AUTO” on a tablet screen, the machine automatically drives to the pile location point. The pile is placed under the hammer and the ramming phase starts. During the ramming phase an auto height tool is used to ensure accuracy in the height installation. At the end of the ramming phase, the pile driving machine automatically finds the next pile location once the “AUTO” function is selected again.

The piles can be laid out efficiently with the Challenger 1500 Pile Placer (also fitted with GPS) prior to the Pile Driving Phase. This reduces heavy lifting, limiting injuries and makes the installation faster, increasing productivity.

For more information on automatic positioning systems and pile driving solutions, contact us today:


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