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Challenger Barrier Install Unit

Challenger Barrier Install Unit

The Guardrail Barrier Install Unit is the ideal attachment for installing guardrail quickly and accurately.


Groundwork designs and builds the Guardrail Barrier Install Unit. This unit has set the standard for guardrail installation, installing post and rail at the same time. This leads to increased productivity:


  1. The full rail length can be assembled on the ground and lifted into position.
  2. The guardrail can be bolted to the posts first and the entire assembly lifted into place, driving the posts in as you go.

Features and Benefits of the Guardrail Barrier Install Unit:

  • High productivity: this post driver attachment will install up to 800 metres a day with only three to four crew members.
  • Piles more accurately sited: this machine ensures posts are placed at a constant height.
  • Safe: the hard work is done by the machine, resulting in fewer injuries.
  • Time saving: the two installation methods mean time isn’t lost manually lifting and bolting on rail sections.

What type of pile driver do I need for the size and type of piles I am driving?

The standard pile driver for most projects would be the Challenger 600. The Challenger can drive wooden or steel posts.

If driving posts under 2.9 metres, a smaller machine may be suitable.


Does the ground conditions have an effect on the type of Pile Driver I should select?


If you are driving posts into the soil or road shoulders, most machines will drive posts quickly and correctly. However, if you are working in areas with hard ground conditions, i.e., rock or ice conditions, the hammer’s power will be posted quickly with the Challenger 600 and its 900 joules hammer. 

An attachment such as a rock drill can be fitted as required to drill with the DTH hammer through rock, granite, or concrete.

My project is of significant size, does this have an impact on the size of machine I should choose?


Think about not only the project that you are working on now, but what sort of projects are you going to be tendering on for the future? 

It may make economic sense select the Challenger 800; this is a little heavier and stronger for the more substantial contacts.

Not sure which equipment is best for your job? 


Groundwork can assist our US clients with financing. If financing is an issue, please checkout the financing option below. 

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