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Sterling Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver

Sterling Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver

Groundwork supplies a range of side grip excavator mounted sheet pile drivers.

This excavator-mounted attachment is equipped with a side-grip clamping device designed to facilitate and speed up the handling, driving and extraction of piles and sheet piles. Combining power, versatility, and speed, the Sterling side grip pile driver established new standards for side-grip vibratory pile drivers. With its innovative features, this attachment tool increases your excavator’s profitability, reduces your operating expenses, and gives you the opportunity to work in deep foundations.

Designed for deep foundation construction work, the Sterling side grip pile driver is the most versatile excavator mounted vibratory pile driver. Thanks to its side clamp system with quick interchangeable technology it allows precise handling, driving and extraction of all types of piles in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Sterling side grip pile driver can easily be installed on any excavator allowing you to work in confined spaces where the use of conventional piling equipment is difficult. An intuitive control and assistance system allows the operator to achieve maximum productivity with a high-level of precision during the entire pile driving process. Sterling side grip sheet and tube pilers are high frequency hydraulic vibrators using the hydraulic system of the base excavator.

Sterling side grip pile driver can be used to drive sheet piles, H piles and tube/bearing piles in virtually any type of soil condition.

Model SG25 SG30 SG40
Suitable Excavator (ton) 20-26 28-36 36-50
Bottom Jaw Open (mm) 65 65 65
Side Clamp Open (mm) 352 352 352
Min Pile Grip Dia (mm) 150 150 150
Max Pile Grip Dia(mm) 500 500 500

* Specifications above are subject to change without notice. 


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