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Kitset Cement Silo

Kitset Cement Silo

With high capacity and ergonomic design our cement silos are easy to use and maintain which ensures they will have a long-lasting life span. These Cement silos are useful for enterprises that need continuous cement. We have 6 different sized cement silos available ranging from 50 Ton to 1000 Ton capacity.

The Silos are effective in storing the cement before it is dried, and can be composed in single, double or triple containers according to their capacity. The Silos feature 1 silo safety valve,
3 cement plasticizer jets and one unit of 24m2 top filter.


Model Silo Capacity (Ton) Height (mm)
50T 50 15,000
75T 75 15,880
100T 100 18,920
200T 200 18,360
500T 500 19,945
1000T 1000 20,840

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