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Jupiter Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Jupiter Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

The Jupiter solar panel cleaning cleaning robot is used for cleaning small distributed photovoltaic power stations. It is a high-end remotecontrol cleaning robot independently developed by Groundworks. The robot adopts a crawler type walking mode.


Based on a visual recognition algorithm and utilizing deep learning techniques, a comprehensive map of boundary information for all photovoltaic modules has been established. This breakthrough in technology allows for centimeter-level positioning accuracy, providing a drift-free and highly precise global visual positioning information for robots. Through the utilization of deep learning algorithms, the system is able to accurately identify and track the position of each photovoltaic module, enabling seamless navigation and operation within solar installations. This advancement in visual recognition technology has significant implications for various industries, particularly in the realm of robotics and autonomous systems. By leveraging this precise positioning data, robots can navigate complex environments with ease and perform tasks with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


Machine Size  Approx 650*500*180
Body weight 28kg
Total Weight 36kg
Efficiency/Hour 600m2
Battery Life 8 hours
Waterproof Level IP65
Warranty 3 Years
Design Life 10 Years
Battery Capacity 10Ah
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Module Inclination

dry cleaning: 0-20°

washing cleaning: 0-15°

Wind 50-61km/h
Can work at night yes
Obstacle Crossing Distance 20-40mm


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