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Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Voyager Series

Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Voyager Series

The Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Voyager Series is suitable for industrial and civilian drilling, geothermal drilling and other well holes. Designed especially for projects that have water intake in rock formations in mountain areas. 

The large drilling diameter for deep drilling; it is flexible and efficient. The Water Well Drilling Rig is built on a excavator crawler chasis, which has strong off road capability. The chasis comes with four high-strength hydraulic outriggers. These outriggers have a very strong bearing capacity with a hright of 1.5 meters. 


  180 200 260
Weight (T) 4.5 5 6.5

Hole Diameter


140-254 140-254 140-305
Drilling Depth (m) 180 200 260

One time advance

length (m)

3.3 3.3 3.3
Walking Speed (km/h) 2.5 2.5 2.5

Climbing Angles


30 30 30


Capacitor (kw)

55 65 70
Using Air Pressure (MPA) 1.7-2.5 1.7-2.5 1.7-3

Air Consumption


17-31 17-31 17-31
Swing Speed(RPM) 45-70 45-70 45-70


Efficiency (m/h)

10-35 10-35 10-35
Drill Pipe Diameter (mm) Ø76  Ø89 Ø76  Ø89 Ø76  Ø89
Drill Pipe Length (m) 1.5/2/3 1.5/2/3 1.5/2/3
Rig Lifting Force (T) 12 13 15
Rapid Rise Speed (m/min) 20 30 24
Fast feeding speed (m/min) 40 60 28
Width of loading (m) 2.4 2.6 2.73

Hoisting force of

winch (T)

- 1.5 1.5
Swing Torque (Nm) 3200-4600 3400-4700 4000-5300
Dimension(mm) 3950x1630x2250 3950x1750x2250 4000x1850x2300

Equipped with


Medium and High




Medium and High




Medium and High




High Leg Stroke (m) 1.4 1.4 1.4
Engine Quan Chai Quan Chai  

For further Specs please see the brochure

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