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ESF M Series Pile Drivers (for 15-40 ton Excavators)

ESF M Series Pile Drivers (for 15-40 ton Excavators)

Groundwork supplies a range of excavator mounted sheet pile drivers/Vibratory Hammers, including the ESF M Series Vibro Sheet Pile Drivers. We offer four models in the range, ensuring the correct model to suit the size of your excavator. Designed for excavators from 15 to 40 ton. The advantage of the M Series Sheet pile drivers is that they are suitable for installing longer pile lengths


Model: ESF 4M
Excavator Class: 15-20 ton
Centrifugal Force: 344 kN

Eccentric Moment: 4 kgm

Speed: 2800 rpm
Pulling Force: 60 kN

Pushing Fown: 40 kN

Total Weight: 760 kg

Dynamic Weight: 545 kg

Amplitute: 14.7 mm

Power: 79 kW

Displacement: 126 l/min

Working pressure: 320 bar

Height: 1068 mm

Width: 671 mm

Length: 1096 mm

Model: ESF 6M
Excavator Class: 25-30 ton
Centrifugal Force: 434 kN

Eccentric Moment: 6 kgm

Speed: 2500 rpm
Pulling Force: 80 kN

Pushing Fown: 80 kN

Total Weight: 1300 kg

Dynamic Weight: 1000 kg

Amplitute: 12 mm

Power: 128 kW

Displacement: 200 l/min

Working pressure: 300 bar

Height: 1466 mm

Width: 584 mm

Length: 1476 mm

Model: ESF 7M
Excavator Class: 30 ton
Centrifugal Force: 607 kN

Eccentric Moment: 7 kgm

Speed: 2800 rpm
Pulling Force: 150 kN

Pushing Fown: 150 kN

Total Weight: 1590 kg

Dynamic Weight: 1160 kg

Amplitute: 12 mm

Power: 131 kW

Displacement: 224 l/min

Working pressure: 300 bar

Height: 1486 mm

Width: 584 mm

Length: 1486 mm

Model: ESF 8M
Excavator Class: 35-40 ton
Centrifugal Force: 751 kN

Eccentric Moment: 9.4 kgm

Speed: 2700 rpm
Pulling Force: 150 kN

Pushing Fown: 150 kN

Total Weight: 1960 kg

Dynamic Weight: 1470 kg

Amplitute: 13 mm

Power: 143 kW

Displacement: 243 l/min

Working pressure: 300 bar

Height: 1582 mm

Width: 584 mm

Length: 1586 mm


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