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Electric Hydraulic Powerpack

Electric Hydraulic Powerpack

The electric hydraulic power pack is designed to use with our range of concrete Pile Cutters/Pile Breakers. These power packs are a great tool for the civil construction industry, they are a low cost and convenient option for powering pile cutters.

Intelligent design means the operator can easily change from wired to wireless control. International, first class air cooling and using high quality parts for manufacture ensure a long and reliable working life for the machine.

Technical improvements to the power packs design include variable adjustment of power output, increased efficiency and environmental protection.

Model KPS 37 KPS 22
Working Medium 32 or 34 Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil 32 or 34 Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil
Fuel Tank Volume 470 Litre 320 Litre
Maximum Flow Rate 240 l/min 120 l/min
Maximum Operating Pressure 315 Bar 315 Bar
Motor Power 37kw 22kw
Motor Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Motor Voltage 380v 380v
Motor Working Speed 1460 rpm 1460rpm
Working Weight (Full tank) 1400kg 850kg
Wireless Control Distance 200m 200m


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