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Diesel Portable Air Compressor

Diesel Portable Air Compressor

Diesel air compressors have earned a reputation for their exceptional durability, reliability, and serviceability, setting them apart from other types of air compressors. These robust machines are widely recognized for their ability to power heavy machinery and withstand demanding industrial environments.  They are often used for operating construction equipment on a job site. Users often choose diesel air compressors for their peace of mind, knowing that they can rely on a continuous supply of pressurized air when they need it most. With their proven track record and superior performance, our diesel air compressors have become the preferred choice for those seeking unwavering power and efficiency in their operations.



Mining, hydropower, oil and gas exploitation, boreholes, shipyard, construction, chemical industry, quarry, sandblasting, pipeline pressure test, public works etc.


• Germany KAPP machine and German manufacturing techniques used to process the compression element, the components manufactured to the highest standards and precision aligned roller bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability

• Automatic operation system helps the operator to master the operating skills quickly; unattended operation and remote control are available

• Heavy-duty CUMMINS diesel engine for extended operation.

•  Excellent components, for example, Siemens electronics for high performance

• Conform to CE, ISO9001 and energy saving certification, etc



Range from DACY-4/13 through to DACY-39/25 
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