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Apollo Solar Brush

Apollo Solar Brush

The importance of cleaning solar power stations cannot be overstated. Statistics show that a majority of the cleaning jobs are still done manually, which can be time-consuming and costly. However, improving the cleaning efficiency and reducing manpower costs is crucial for optimal performance. Solar power stations are often located in areas with high terrain, abundant sunlight, strong winds, and limited water resources, making them susceptible to the accumulation of sand and dirt on the solar panels. If these contaminants are not removed promptly, they can significantly reduce the power generation efficiency by 8% to 30%. Additionally, dust buildup can lead to hot spot problems on the PV panels, further diminishing their performance.

Regular and effective cleaning is essential to ensure maximum energy production and maintain the longevity of solar power stations.


Model Apollo
Working Hours >4
Working Speed 8-12 m/min
Battery Life V's Distance 2000 - 2400m
Working Temperature -10° - 50° C

Remote Control
intelligent Management Control


Working Mode

Staff activated remote control

No need for manual cleaning

Cleaning Robot Berth Parking Spaces either side
of solar panels
Protection Grade IP65
Post Script

Can be customized based on

the size of solar panels


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