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Labor Shortage means Contractors need to work Smarter.

In a recent article with Equipment World, ABC Chief Economist Anirban Basu was quoted to say “Many economists believe that a recession in America over the next 12 to 18 months has become virtually inevitable."

What does this mean for Contractors?

The demand for labor means that Contractors should seriously be considering automating their processes and decreasing costs where possible.

Groundwork have a number of options for both Solar Pile Driving and Guardrail Driving.

Solar Pile Driving can be almost fully autonomous now, with a STX GPS System fitted to your Pile Drivers. By simply pushing “AUTO” on the tablet screen, the machine automatically drives to the pile location point. The operator then only needs to place the pile under the hammer to start the ramming phase. At the end of the ramming phase the pile driving machine automatically finds the next pile location once the “Auto” function is pushed again. Groundwork supplies the CHALLENGER 1500 Pile Placer; designed to mechanically lay out and disperse piles on your solar farm construction site. With this machine operators do not need to physically load and unload piles. The 1500 is equipped with a powerful arm and magnet to pick up and place piles. The 1500 can be controlled using the supplied operator wireless remote.

Guardrail Post Pounding has progressed significantly in the past 5 years. Once again the Challenger 1500 Barrier Installer reduces handling and injuries while improving productivity. The Post Pounders used in the market place today are that much stronger and faster that the meterage of railing produced can be tripled with the same teams or less staff.

Talk to Groundwork today to discuss how you can reduce labor and production costs while improving productivity for better results.


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