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Gemini Pile Drivers

Ground work introduces our newest range of pile drivers - the Gemini Range. 

Groundwork are renowned globally as suppliers of civil engineering equipment.

The Gemini Series of Pile Drivers offers a range of equipment for a variety of projects.

The Gemini Guardrail Pile Driver has a built in dust collector meaning there is very little pollution. It is ideal for use on a concrete surface and is suitable for a variety of piles.

The Gemini Truck Mounted Pile Pounder can be purchased with or without the truck unit and is ideal for replacing highway guardrails.

And the Gemini 36D Pile Driver is ideal for all solar piling projects. It comes with additional options of a hydraulic hammer, auger screw, DTH hammer, Screw Pile and Pile Extractor. 

If you are unsure of your requirements, please feel free to reach out to us at or phone +1 877 231 1830 for advice. 

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