Read More About Telescopic Booms

Groundwork supplies the impressive Telescopic Excavator Boom to extend your capabilities. These booms replace your existing dipper arm on your excavator – and are powered by – your excavator.

The range of booms we have will fit excavators from 16 to 36 tonne. The largest boom has a reach of 27 metres below ground level. We have three models in the range, KM150, KM220 and KM260.

Features and Benefits of the Telescopic Excavator Boom:

• The telescopic boom works with the existing hydraulic system on your excavator.

• Clamshells and other hydraulic operated attachments require a second set of hydraulic lines.

• Models are available to fit excavators from 16 to 36 ton.

• All models are fitted with CCTV cameras to allow for safer operation.

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