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Groundwork supplies an extensive range of TYSIM Drilling Rigs, all ranging in size and capabilities. All models can rapidly change from transport state to working state efficiently, have a high security system and are designed in strict accordance with European Union safety standards EN791. These models meet the requirements of dynamic and static stability.

Features and benefits of TYSIM Drilling Rigs:

    • TYSIM machines feature a hydraulic and control system developed in cooperation with Tianjin University CNC.
    • The unique structure of the folding mast can ensure easy transportation and reduce transport size.
    • The advanced design of the rotary angle displacement output mechanism and the central rotary joint output angular displacement can give higher reliability.
    • The innovative drilling bucket depth measurement system can show higher accuracy.
    • The function of the main winch bottoming protection and priority controlling can make the operation easier.
    • The reversible use of the driving head’s chain can extend the service life.
    • Multistage damping technology of the driving head can ensure the whole construction is more stable.
    • The technology of the masts automatic verticality can ensure a greater vertical accuracy of the hole.
    • The innovative design of the luminous hot wheel can make construction at night safer.
    • The humanised design of the chassis can increase storage space.
    • The new design of the two-stage operating interface can make it more convenient to operate.

TYSIM Drilling Rigs

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TYSIM Drilling Rigs

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