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Groundwork supplies a range of GPS Systems including systems compatible with Guardrail and Solar Pile Drivers. Our models use the latest leading-edge technology to position piles accurately and quickly. The precise positioning of piles is essential to any pile installation project – and our GPS systems ensure great results.

Benefits of Groundwork’s range of GPS System:

  • Accurate: can position piles within +/- 3mm horizontally, and +/- vertically.
  • Productive: no need to mark out pile positions on-site – our equipment makes for faster installation of support structures and panels.
  • Configured to your specifications: as soon as your equipment arrives it will be ready to work – exactly to your specifications.
  • Bluetooth operational, simple to install.
  • Built-in software to design your solar pile set out.

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GPS Systems

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GPS Systems

Accurately position piles with these GPS Systems.