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Drum Cutters

Groundwork’s hydraulic drum cutters are ideal for milling loose rock, soft and compacted earth.

Groundwork supplies horizontal and vertical drum cutters. These hydraulic drum cutters are ideal for milling loose rock, soft and compacted earth. A drum cutter can quickly break up material in situations where digger buckets struggle to penetrate.

These drum cutters suit excavators from 2.5 to 60 tons. This equipment is the right choice for rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, frozen soil excavation, soft rock excavation in quarries, demolition, and dredging.

Groundwork has two drum cutter options:

  1. Vertical, single head units that can be used for general drilling work
  2. Double head units with additional cutting teeth for faster production – ideal for trenching, tunnel work, foundation work, and quarrying and mining

Benefits of Groundwork’s drum cutters:

  • Quiet: operates quieter and cause less vibration than breakers – ideal for urban and underground work
  • Fast: can be quickly attached to your excavator arm
  • Powerful: powered by a high torque hydraulic motor, which gives excellent cutting performance, and equipped with robust spur gears, giving optimum crushing force
  • Versatile: comes with a wide selection of drum and pick types, allowing the drum cutter to cut through a range of rock types
  • Multi-use: excavating, mining, tunnelling, trenching, demolition, quarrying, scaling and breaking up slag. These drum cutters can also be used underwater, up to a depth of 30m, without additional installation.

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Horizontal drum cutters

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