Read More About Hydraulic Breakers

Groundwork’s extensive range of hydraulic breakers has your demolition needs covered.

Suitable for light or heavy demolition work, these breakers ensure higher levels of productivity and lower costs than other brands.

Benefits of Groundwork’s range of breakers:

  • Twenty models in the compact range.
  • Five models in the medium and large range for wheel and crawler excavators.
  • Five models in the new trend medium and large range.
  • Moil point, blunt, chisel, and flat-side pyramid models.
  • Models range in size from 0.8 to 70 ton and can work with backhoe loaders, mini excavators, and articulated buckets.
  • Constant power.
  • High levels of craftsmanship.
  • Built-in control valve.
  • Self-lube kits are optional.



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