Read More About Concrete Pile Cutters

Groundwork supplies a range of concrete pile cutters, specifically designed to effectively demolish or trim prefabricated concrete piles and even chimneys effortlessly – with minimal noise, dust and debris.

Why are Groundwork’s cutters the best in the business?

  • Our pile cutters can be fitted to any crane or excavator with a hydraulic drive – or used in conjunction with a hydraulic power pack.
  • Other tools can only really remove the piles, while these cutters can trim them to the size you want. And they don’t damage the pile’s inner steel casing, so you can reduce costs by either reusing or recycling the steel.
  • These pile cutters create minimal noise. The powerful hydraulic rams drive steel wedges into the piles, breaking them down without creating excess noise.
  • The balanced design of these cutters concentrate forces inwards, minimising and confining debris to a smaller area.
  • These cutters are easy to transport to site, and quick to assemble.

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