MA1000 Guardrail Post Driver

Installs guardrail, even in difficult terrain and hard conditions with this heavy duty model.

Groundwork supplies the MA 1000 Guardrail Post Driver. This model drives both steel and wooden posts for highway barrier installation. The standard MA1000 can drive 4.6 metre (15 ft) posts however we can customise your machine to install 6 metres (19.6 ft) posts. Even in the most difficult terrain and harsh conditions, this high performance model can operate all day long.

All MA machines are all built with quality components from reputable globally recognised brands. Every component is individually selected and evaluated. Ensuring you are getting the very best, most efficient, reliable and productive option available. Choose the MA1000 Post Driver for a completely customisable and reliable guardrail machine.


Download Groundwork 1000 Guardrail Post Driver Product Brochure