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Stump Drills

Stump Drills

Groundwork supplies a range of STUMP DRILLS built for removing unwanted tree stumps at high speeds and with ease. The Stump Drills come in various models and can be attached to your Excavator, Skid Steer or Tractor.
Built from high-grade steel the cutting screw regulator and knives are all designed with anti-wear steel; this allows up to 1000 stumps to be drilled without needing replacement-cutting knives. (Note: blade does require shearing each working day).   

The Stump Drills can either be fitted with a core barrel or a drill. If the stumps are larger than the diameter of the drill, you can operate the drill in several locations on the stump.

Drill Features

The Stump Drills are sturdy and functional, allowing the user to maneuver quickly and safely as it is strictly controlled by the driver’s seat. The perpendicular descent of the tools that rotate at low speed on the vertical axis, allow you to work in confined spaces such as gardens, roadsides, etc without disturbing the surrounding space.

Our stump drills work with extreme speed when carrying out the elimination of the roots (Average: 2 minute per root). Save time thanks to the easy mounting and quick attachment of the Stump Drill to your tractor or excavator.


Drill Options

• Standard Drill drive unit with cardan shaft, complete with automatic torque limiter
• Adjustable support feet
• Drill with operative diameter of 85cm


• Cardan shaft with double joint complete with automatic torque limiter and protection
• Hydraulic support feet
• Application for hydraulic transmission
• Drill with an operating diameter of 1000mm

Not sure which equipment is best for your job? 


Groundwork can assist our US clients with financing. If financing is an issue, please checkout the financing option below. 

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