Gemini Guardrail Pile Driver

Gemini Guardrail Pile Driver

This Gemini Guardrail Pile Driver has a built in dust collector meaning there is very little pollution. Ideal for use on concrete surfacing.


  Suitable for a variety of piles and posts including:

  • C Shape
  • H Shape
  • W Beam
  • Round Shape
  • Screw Piles




Item Value
Drilling Engine Power (Kw) 132
Transportation Dimensions
5600 x 2250 x 2600
Vehicle Weight 7000 KG
Driving Mode Four-wheel drive
 Power of Pile Driving Engine (Kw) 33
Pile Height Range (mm) 0-400
Drilling Depth 1700mm
Drilling diameter 0-300mm
Effective Capacity
of Diesel tank (mm)

Turning Radius (mm)

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