TYSIM Drilling Rigs are helping Australian businesses break new ground

TYSIM Drilling Rigs are achieving fantastic meterage rates in New South Wales

Groundwork customer Aaron Bruce tells us how TYSIM drill rigs have helped him achieve business success.

Aaron Bruce is a fourth generation miner, who has lived in the remote opal town of Lightning Ridge all his life. His family moved to the area in 1907, becoming some of the first miners in the district. In 2006, he founded Hot Rock Resources and has been prospecting and contract drilling in both the mining and construction industries ever since.

The search for the ideal machine

In 2013, Aaron began searching for a new drilling rig. “I contacted Stephen Beeby, and we travelled together on a week-long tour of the TYSIM manufacturing facilities,” he explains. “It was at this point I really appreciated the merits of dealing with Groundwork.”

TYSIM Drilling Rig in action
Stephen and Aaron visiting the TYSIM factory

Aaron was looking to bring new machines into an old industry – and he’d found just what he needed in the TYSIM drilling rig. The ease of operation and low downtime have enabled him to achieve great meterage rates. “Since taking possession of the new rig in 2015, we have completed over 6000 lineal metres of hard rock drilling, and another 1700 metres of construction bored pile work.”

Opal and red orange stone both mined using the TYSIM Drilling Rig
Opal and red orange stone both mined using the TYSIM Drilling Rig

Impressive results

Hot Rock Resources is now pushing into the ever expanding market for piling and drilling of large diameter holes. Currently, they are working in Ardleathen and Nevertire for Grain Corp overhead loading facilities. The company’s future is bright. “We are on track in 2016 to secure more valuable clients and solve drilling problems other companies have walked away from.”

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